19. Sarah-Jane Ray – Living With Multiple Allergies & Eczema

19. Sarah Sol - Living With Multiple Allergies & Eczema

In episode nineteen of the Allergy Podcast I chat to Sarah Sol, Sarah is a Mum to 19 month old Amber who was 5 food allergies, various environmental allergies and problems with histamine intolerance.

 Things we discuss…

Can you take us all back to the beginning of when you discovered Amber’s food allergies what they are and what that was like for you?

Different things to try to get eczema under control?

How do you manage Amber’s diet on a day to day basis?

When did you start your blog Living With Multiple Allergies and what inspired you to do so?

If you could give allergy parents one tip what would it be and why?


Living With Multiple Allergies


Why Did You Start Blogging? @AllergyAwardsUK

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