Food Allergies

There are many people around the world who require special dietary needs. There are allergies which include things like fish, eggs, peanuts, etc. These allergies are something people are born with or develop later on in their lives. There is a lot of concern regarding these symptoms from respiratory diseases to the swelling can cause a lot of damage.

Food allergies and asthma


There are many dietary allergies which can result in respiratory symptoms. These respiratory symptoms can be wheezing and bronchi contraction. It is not commonly known that allergy and asthma are very closely related, especially for someone who is suffering from asthma. The simple cellular process involves consuming both the food allergies and asthma, which can later lead to the immune system to overreact, which creates histamines. These histamines are the reason for one to have an allergic reaction.

A few other common food allergies involve the sore eyes, watery eyes, nose, sneezing, scratchy and sore throat, itchy skin. These can also trigger you to have a respiratory response like wheezing, cough, chest tightness, difficulty breathing. This is one of the main reasons why it is difficult to understand an allergic reaction which can lead to an asthma attack.

Ways to deal with food allergies

One of the best ways to deal with food allergies is to make sure that you avoid the food which can trigger such responses. Make sure that you are looking into the ingredients of each and every item that you consume. One of the best ways to avoid is to make sure that you are cooking your food. You can customise the dishes to match you own specific needs. If you are going out to eat, make sure that you convey the right message to the chef about certain foods to ensure that they bring you the right food.


Also, make sure that you are looking into the things you are eating. There are times where you might miss something and If you see a portion of food which you cannot consume do not eat it. Try to stick to foods like fruit bowls and other snacks which is associated with safe eating for you. You can also get a special snack pack for the times you need to eat out but also take care of your self.

In conclusion

When you are ordering a meal, try to make sure that yours is a special order. This is a crucial step, try to have a backup plan where you pack the meals from home for yourself. If you are unsure of the place, try to be safe as there is a huge possibility that the food came into contact with the allergens in some form. Always carry an EpiPen as a measure to keep yourself safe when you mistakenly consume certain foods.


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