22. Pediatric Dietitian Nishti From Nishti’s Choice Discusses Diagnosing & Managing Allergies

Allergy Podcast 22. Pediatric Dietitian Nishti From Nishti's Choice Discusses Diagnosing & Managing Allergies

On episode 22 of the allergy podcast I chat to Nishti from Nishti’s Choice, Nishti is a registered pediatric dietitian on a serious mission to raise awareness of allergies and to empower parents to make better nutritional choices for themselves and for their children by providing awareness, knowledge and compassion.

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The questions I ask:

Can you take us all back to the beginning of when you were first introduced to food allergies, be it through work or in your personal life?

Being a pediatric dietitian what’s a typical day like for you at work?

What’s the best way to increase calcium intake for babies and toddlers who can’t eat dairy due to an allergy?

Why do you think so many babies have cmpa ?

Do you have any tips for weaning a baby who has cmpa?

When did you start your blog Nishti’s Choice and what inspired you to do so?

From a food nutrition point of view if you could give allergy parents one tip what would it be and why?


Nishti’s Choice

 My Fave Moments
‘Not your mum, not your milk!’
Nishti’s allergy awareness mission
Weaning tips for allergic babies
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