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The public vote for Allergy & Free From Blog Awards UK is now open and closes on 30th November 2016, over the next few months we will be interviewing the allergy & free from bloggers who have been nominated for an award to find out more about them and their allergy blogs. We also want to help you find relevant allergy & free from blogs to follow because while they’re all super helpful – they all offer something different !

Our 16th interview is with Sarah Allergy & Free From Blogger at Copper Confetti.

Tell us a little about your allergy blog content?

My blog content focuses on the Low FODMAP diet, my journey, loads of recipes and a few extras!

What inspired you to start your blog?

I’ve struggled with stomach issues for a good few years now and was diagnosed with IBS around 4 years ago without much help or guidance. Since my IBS wasn’t considered “major” (I hate to think what this must be like then!!) and they couldn’t pinpoint any food allergies, I felt a bit lost and frustrated. Luckily about 3 years ago, I spoke to another doctor who recommended I look into the low FODMAP diet. Since properly getting to grips with the diet, I finally feel like my IBS is a bit more under control and I feel happier and more comfortable within myself and I hope that by sharing my experiences, fails, struggles and successes, this will encourage others to give the diet a try and hopefully they’ll also be able to change their lives for the better!

What advice would you give to other allergy bloggers who are just starting out?

I really love writing my blog but I would say that it requires quite a bit of planning, time and care! I work full time alongside keeping on top of my blog and sometimes I find it can be quite a task juggling both. However as long as you enjoy and believe in the content you’re writing and stay organised and focused, it can be so fulfilling and fun! It has already opened so many doors for me even just with the people I’m now in contact with through social media. I love seeing someone post a new find and hearing all about new relevant products and trying them out.

What would winning an Allergy & Free From Blog Award mean to you?

Winning an Allergy Blog Award would mean so much to me! With the low FODMAP diet, I’m finally feeling more confident and comfortable in myself and it would just be the icing on the (gluten free) cake to win an award and see that others are interested in my content and it may also be helping them in some way!

Yay! Thanks Sarah for sharing an insight into your allergy blog and why it all began.

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