The significant difference one would say between a food allergy and food intolerance is that food intolerance is going to be a little bit milder, so maybe some GI discomfort, constipation or diarrhoea. In contrast, a food allergy can be much more intense up to anaphylactic shock so it could be respiratory distress, swelling of the airways or something similar, so there are eight most common food allergies they happen to be milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, seafood and fish. If you are the parents of a young child, the first-time parent let’s say, and there’s a history of food allergies. The new guidelines, mainly research done with peanuts, it shows that if you can introduce the food under the guidance of your paediatrician or an allergist within four to six months of childhood.

Improving food tolerance

You could resolve that food allergy earlier in life or at least develop a tolerance to the food into adulthood. If you want to know if a food allergy has resolved into adulthood, you want to under the guidance of your physician, do a food challenge, and basically, it’s taking a small portion of that food that you’re allergic to and testing to see if your symptoms or your signs are mild or severe. From there you can gauge if you’ve developed a tolerance to that food you were once allergic to, so if you are allergic to a diet, you want to take specific measures to make sure that you can avoid that food. You know there is no cure for a food allergy there are only preventative measures we can take so you want to read the food labels you want to become familiar maybe visit a dietitian.

food tolerance

Prepping for eating outside

You can learn how to do so, and you want a meal prep without cross-contaminating with the allergic food when you go out to restaurants. Tell your server that you are allergic to this particular food and ask him/her to please let the chef know, in the back make sure that everyone knows that you are allergic to one specific kind of food. Choose dishes which have nothing to do with the item you are allergic to. If you are allergic to milk them stick to veggies and meat. Let the waiter know about the allergy, and it is also essential that you let him/her know about the extent of this allergy if you ingest it by mistake. Make it clear to them that you might develop rashes, have burning skin, blisters, seizures or closing of the trachea, this will make it impossible for the restaurant to forget that your food needs to be prepared differently.


Food allergies are severely common and mostly faced by children. Responsible parents should keep track of all such allergies and try to get their children accustomed to any such food, and this will help them improve their tolerance and steer clear of any possible allergies in the future.


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