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Healthy lungs are crucial for a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body. Lungs are like cogs in wheels that run our bodies and are essential for the smooth functioning of our bodies. Conditions like asthma, respiratory illness, allergies, pneumonia, COPD are all result of an unhealthy lifestyle and an unhealthy heart. Most times, this illness attack the lungs that cause breathing difficulties that are hard to cure. Having a healthy diet and lifestyle is an essential solution for all such problems. Although you cannot get rid of the conditions immediately, they’re responsible for the normal functioning of a body. Here, we’ve mentioned a list of foods that can cure or prevent any kind of respiratory allergies and illness. Please take a look at them!


Water is one of the essential parts of any diet. It can help lose weight as well, prevent obesity. Six to eight glasses of water is recommended for the normal functioning of the lungs and the entire body in general.

Fatty Fish

Fatty fishes like salmon, pilchard etc. are high in omega 3, which is another vital ingredient to keep your respiratory health in check.


Adults who are aspiring to have healthy lungs should consume apples on a daily basis. They’re primarily crucial for lung health. A study conducted on lung heath by the students of St George’s Hospital Medical School, London showed that 2500 men between the age of 45 and 49, showed an immense increase in lung health when they consumed apples every day. Their diet also consisted of vitamins C, E, and beta-carotene, and other fruit juices along with apples.


It is one of the best green coloured vegetables for maintaining respiratory and lung health. Hence, it is recommended for daily consumption.


It is a vegetarian source of Omega 3 fatty acids. A handful of walnuts every day also helps fight asthma and other respiratory ailments.



Berries like strawberries, etc. are rich in antioxidants which are protecting the lungs of millions across the world. Among all berries, Acai and blueberry are the best for lung health, but cranberries and grapes also work wonders.


As stated by the American Cancer Society, beans help support lung health and decrease the chances of respiratory-related cancers. Beans like Kidney, pinto, black are also a good source of antioxidants that fight any lung or respiratory damages.


Apricots contain an excessive amount of Vitamin A that supports respiratory tract linings and lowers the risk of lung diseases and lung infections in adults and youngsters.



Consuming the foods mentioned above regularly, can prevent respiratory prone diseases from entering the body and also manage your lung health. Apart from diet, there are also other techniques to help you with the breathing patterns, in case you’re suffering from asthma or COPD. Meditation and other breathing emulsifiers help in constant and sustainable breathing habits that are essential for people suffering from respiratory conditions and allergies.


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