3. Nicole Smith & Allergic Child – Allergy Podcast

3. Nicole Smith & Allergic Child

On episode three of the Allergy Podcast I chatted to Nicole Smith, Nicole has written extensively on the subject of food allergies on her own blog, for Allergic Living magazine and for Everyday Health. She is the author of three children’s food allergy books. Her first book, is a best seller on Amazon, and was published in 1999 by her own publishing company, … Read More

2. Jackie Nevard & My Food Allergy Friends

2. Jackie Nevard & My Food Allergy Friends Allergy Podcast

On episode two of the Allergy Podcast I chatted to Jackie Nevard the founder of My Food Allergy Friends, Jackie’s son Thai has multiple food allergies and after realising the need for allergy education Jackie launched My Food Allergy Friends, she has produced four books in her educational allergy series with another two books in the pipeline, a string of educational resources … Read More

1. The Clark Plan With Christopher James Clark – Nutritional Grail

On episode one of the Allergy Podcast I chatted to Christopher James Clark the award winning author of Nutritional Grail, he serves on the Advisory Board of Men’s Health magazine (Middle East) and writes for ThePaleoDiet.com, The Huffington Post, and various other publications. He’s from America but based in Dubai and he strives to make nutrition practical, straightforward, and delicious. Subscribe in iTunes … Read More