Close Your Windows

Read through this list of natural remedies you could incorporate without much of a hassle and in the comfort of your home.

If you’re someone who has visited a countless number of doctors because of asthma or recurring bronchitis, etc. throughout your life, you will know how frustrating it is to start a new treatment and hoard up on medicines of all shapes and sizes and consistencies.

That dreadful moment when you feel a wheeze coming, and you do your best to suppress it, only to end up violently coughing and heaving for some breath for the next week or so! Phew. Have you wondered whether you could be completely stress and allergy-free? If yes, then you have landed on to the right place.

Get some preventative therapy

Acupuncture is reported to provide great relief to allergy sufferers, especially when combined with natural herbs.  An acupuncturist will assess you for the root cause of your allergies and then perform acupuncture to both help alleviate allergy symptoms and also the root cause of those allergy.  This ‘two-pronged’ attack on allergies can be extremely effective.  And if you add natural herbs on top of your acupuncture, this can deal a knock-out blow to your allergies.  Natural herbs are typically anti-inflammatory, astringent, anti-histamine and clearing in nature.  They don’t work as fast as drugs do, but they can be taken long-term with no side effects and they do also seek to treat the root cause of allergies.

Close Your Windows

It might be a great, sunny day or a calm, breezy evening to open up your windows to let some fresh sun and air in the house. Unfortunately, open windows are grand entrances for pollen and other dust mites to enter, further infiltrating your house and giving you an awful allergy. Please opt to close your windows when you’re at home, if not always. You could also invest in a HEPA filter for your air conditioner to filter the dust and pollen out of your house.

Do not stop and smell the flowers.

However enticing that bouquet may seem, kindly refrain from getting a sniff because it is a sure-shot way of straight-up shooting the pollen right into your system which will most definitely cause an allergy.

Clean Up

Every time you get back home from outside, you carry invisible allergens with you. It could be everything from your hair, hands, clothes, shoes, bags, etc. Make it a point to at least wash your face, hands and feet if not take a warm shower. The outside world is a breeding ground for pollen and other allergens that are in turn potent for your health and wellbeing.

Wear a mask

The pandemic would most definitely make you buy masks and wear them at all times. But did you also know that masks are incredibly effective in blocking your airways from outside dust and allergens? In case you can’t maintain a strategic distance from certain sensitivity triggers, similar to when you work in your yard or vacuum. An N95 mask, accessible at most drugstores and clinical stores, will square 95% of little particles, for example, dust and different allergens.


Keep it natural

Keep your home clean. It’s probably the ideal approaches to maintain a strategic distance from indoor allergens. Be that as it may, certain harsh synthetic compounds can disturb your nasal entries and irritate your lungs. So make regular cleans with ordinary solutions like vinegar or utilize a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA channel to trap allergens. On the off chance that you have severe sensitivities, ask another person to clean up.


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