If you have any questions about the Allergy Blog Awards UK we hope that they will be answered below in our FAQ’s.

Why should I enter the Allergy Blog Awards UK?

The Allergy Blog Awards UK offers a unique opportunity to promote, increase traffic and exposure for you as an individual or business and your Blog.

I am unsure which category my allergy blog should be entered in – can you help?

This page should help you: http://allergyblogawardsuk.co.uk/award-categories-2/

My blog fits into more than one category – can I enter in more than one category?

If your blog fits in more than one category you are welcome to enter the same blog into one other category (2 categories per blog entry in total).

I have a review blog – can I enter the Allergy Blog Awards?

Yes, review blogs can enter Allergy Blog Awards UK.

I have a video blog – can I enter the Allergy Blog Awards UK?

Yes, video blogs can enter the Allergy Blog Awards UK.

My blog is unusual and doesn’t follow the general text with pictures blog format – can I still enter?

Yes, we encourage innovative and unusual blogs to enter the Allergy Blog Awards UK.  You may want to enter the ‘Most Innovative’ Allergy Blog Award category. You are also welcome to enter any other category which fits your blog too (maximum of 2 categories).

What are the Rules of Entry?

You can read the full rules in our terms & conditions.

I do not live in the UK – can I enter?

Due to numerous requests we do accept entrants from Ireland (blog must be written in English and blogger must live in Ireland or the UK at time of entry and throughout the awards).

Unfortunately we do not accept entries outside of the UK and Ireland at this time.  All entries must be from a UK/Ireland resident or UK/Ireland registered organisation (n.b. based in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or Ireland). International candidates will be disregarded.

I think that my blog should be entered in a particular category however in the overview on the categories it doesn’t mention my genre/topic?

The overview of each category is simply to give some ideas of the blogs that are eligible in each category and is in no way an exhaustive list.

I have multiple blogs – can I enter them all?

You are welcome to enter as many blogs as you wish to Allergy Blog Awards UK.

I am from the UK originally but now I live outside the UK – can I still enter?

No, unfortunately all entries must be from a UK or Ireland resident or UK or Ireland registered organisation (n.b. based in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or Ireland). International candidates will be disregarded.

My blog isn’t written in English – can I enter?

No – only English language blogs may be entered.

I have only been blogging for a short time – can I still enter?

We welcome entries from new and experienced bloggers and we have the best newcomer category, however you need at least 5 blog posts to have been published as an absolute minimum before you can enter. Please remember that the first stage is a public vote and Judges will not mark the shortlisted blogs until January so even if this is a new blog there is plenty of time to keep building your blog before the Judging stage.

I blog as a hobby, I am not a professional blogger – can I enter?

Of course – anyone can enter the Allergy Blog Awards UK, whatever their motivation is for blogging.

How much does it cost to enter the Allergy Blog Awards UK?

It is FREE to enter any category.

Why is a public vote used initially?

A public vote is a great way to increase traffic and visibility of your Blog and to encourage new and established followers of your Blog to vote for you.  We feel it is a much fairer way to indicate the Blogs which should be shortlisted and brought to the attention of the Judges.

How can I maximise the amount of votes I get in the public votes?

We have lots of ideas for ways to increase the visibility of your Blog and encourage the public to vote for you. You can include your ‘Ive Entered’ logo onto your Blog, email footers and newsletter to let your readers so they know you have entered. We advise marketing to be done via your social channels and newsletter.

How many Blogs will be shortlisted in each category after the public votes?

From the public vote the top 5 blogs in each category will be shortlisted.

Who are the judges?

There will be up to three industry Judges per category.  

What is the judging process?

Allergy Blogs will be independently judged against the following set criteria:

Structure and Navigation
Visual Design
Overall Experience

How many blogs will be shortlisted after the judges results are in?

The top 5 allergy blogs are shortlisted.  A couple of categories may have more on the shortlist due to an equal number of votes and other categories may have less blogs on the shortlist.    All blogs shortlisted will remain on the shortlist via the Allergy Blog Awards UK website until the winners are announced at the Awards Ceremony.

We hope that all those in the final will attend the Awards Ceremony with a minimum of one representative who can accept the Award if it wins. Each finalist will receive one free ticket to attend the awards ceremony and all other tickets will be chargeable.

How can you judge one Blog to be better than another?

It will certainly not be an easy task for the Judges to decide on the final winners however we trust that everyone that enters Allergy Blog Awards UK will gain some benefits from the process, however successful they are.

Can I challenge the final decision?

No – the Judges decision is final.

Where is the Award Ceremony?

The UK Blog Awards will take place in central Manchester at the end of February 2017.  

My question hasn’t been answered…

If your query hasn’t been answered above please contact us.